Daily Fibre – Langdale by Eden Cottage Yarns

Sometimes I get to work with some truly beautiful yarns and today is one of those days.  Today I am working with Langdale Superwash Aran from Eden Cottage Yarns.


eden cottage yarns langdale

  Colorway – Damson

Langdale is a hand dyed superwash 100% merino aran.  Langdale aran (named after the Langdales in the Lake District), is a fantastic all-round machine washable pure merino yarn. It comprises of three plies, to make it smooth and soft whilst retaining a bouncy and hard wearing quality. The lovely Victoria from ECY tells me the yarn gets gradually softer with washing.  Being a machine washable yarn it is going to be ideal for garments, especially those which are for children or gifts! 

The knitty gritty;
100% superwash merino
4.5 – 5.5mm needles

The beautiful deep tones and subtle variegation in this yarn are not done justice by my photo,  the yarn is soft to touch and has a great bouncy to it.  I can’t say yet what it is going to be, but watch this space.



Knitted Wedding Fever

The sun is starting to shine, the flowers are blossoming, it can mean only one thing – hayfever!  Only kidding, wedding season is upon us.

If, like me, you are allergic to fresh flowers, why not knit yourself a buttonhole?  In this months issue of Let’s Knit Magazine I have a couple of wedding themed projects.  Firstly, Chimes; a set of pretty rose buttonholes.


knitted buttonhole jane burns lets knit

knitted flowers jane burns

Of course these don’t have to be buttonholes, flowers look lovely anywhere.

chimes knitted buttonhole jane burns

Next I designed a cute mouse couple who are celebrating their special day.  This fun pair would make a great gift for a bride and groom.  Mrs To Be has a really simple yet effective veil and paper flower bouquet.  Mr To Be has a dashing tuxedo and gentlemanly whiskers.  This handsome couple are very quick to make, why not add some personal touches for the happy couple to be?

wedding mouse knitted jane burns

knitted bride and groom jane burns

The happy couple even made it onto the cover!

cover lets knit magazine

You can download your copy of Let’s Knit Magazine from the App Store here, of purchase from any good newsagent.

As always I would love to see your finished projects on my Facebook page.

Jane x

Dealing with the Craftermath

This week I read an essay by Franklin Habit titled ‘Lost in Space’.  He talks about how he can never find a tape measure despite owning A LOT of tape measures. I won’t go into too many details about the essay as you really should pop over here and take a look for yourself. Franklin is guaranteed to make you smile and shout ‘me too!’

So why am I telling you this? Great question ;)

At the weekend I bit the bullet so to speak and finally replaced my workspace in the den. My small computer station with pull out glass side table was simply not up the job anymore. Well to be more accurate, it wasn’t large enough to house the sheer amount of projects I have on the go at any one time. My draw space was limited and needles and notions were spilling out all over the place. In an attempt to cut down on the amount of time spent looking for missing scissors, tape measures, cable needles, stitch markers etc organisation had to be found.

As I sorted all of my notions and placed them logically into their new homes, I came across my very first knitting bag. I use the term bag loosely, measuring 15cm it is a mere purse! This is where I kept my knitting notions in the early days. A kilt pin for a make shift stitch holder, an earring as a stitch marker, crochet hook, darning needle and pin. A plastic darning needle for the days I couldn’t trust myself with a sharp one. And a couple of spare eyes, what else does a knitter need? Oh yes, scissors and a tape measure, they are as you would expect – lost!

beg knitting purse

Today my knitting paraphernalia is quite different. There are literally draws full of needles, hooks and notions and for a short while they are all nicely sorted into sizes.

circular needle storage

Plastic wallets inside suspension folders make great storage for Circular needles

dpn storage

Double pointed needles draw

hooks storage

Hooks and clock mechanisms, as you do!

notions draw

 Next time I want a pompom maker, I might actually be able to find one!


One thing baffled me as I sorted through my double pointed needles, why oh why do I have so many 4.5mm dpn’s? I rarely find myself having to go up a size to get gauge, I can only conclude that the 4mm needles have got a little wider round the middle, just like myself!

So tell me, what is the strangest item in your knitting kit?



What do a fox, a lamb and chickens have in common?

I am  one happy bunny!  My Foxy Lady purse made the cover of Simply Knitting magazine this month :)

simply knitting issue 119 Jane burns


Foxy Lady is a quick fun make,  worked in Drops, Alpaca not only is it mega cute but it won’t break the bank.

foxy lady purse simply knitting jane burns


Of course with Easter just around the corner you just knew that the fox wouldn’t be the only cute creature I had featured in this issue….

Looking for an Easter gift for a lamb lover and I am not talking about the Sunday roast, mint sauce variety.  But those cute spring lambs,  just for you I have designed a fun key ring.  If you like knitting bobbles you are going to love this! Bobbles knitted in Rowan, Purelife Boucle, it was just crying out to become a sheep.

baa rilliant lamb keyring jane burns simply knitting

sheep keyring jane burns simply knitting

For those of you who are subscribers to Simply Knitting Magazine,  this months subscribers exclusive pattern is also cute, animal related and would make a great Easter gift….

dippy eggs egg cosy jane burns simply knitting

My gift to you is three fun projects to brighten up your Easter, that should keep you crafting and not eating the Easter Eggs.  Wondering what to do with all that left over chocolate….. GIVE IT TO ME

Happy Easter Knitting



Eggstra Special High Fibre Eggs

This month is really flying past and Easter will soon be upon us!  For those of you who fear that the Easter Bunny may do too much damage to your waist line,  I have a high fibre alternative for you… (I know, terrible pun)

Meet Clutch my trio of knitted eggs featured in this months Let’s Knit Magazine (Issue 78).

clutch knitted easter eggs jane burns lets knit magazine

You can download your copy of Let’s Knit Magazine today and get cracking with your eggs (still bad?) here

As always I would love to see your finished eggs on my Facebook page,  Happy Knitting, take eggstra special care of yourselves x

Cute sheep, but

Or should that say Butt!  In this months issue of Let’s Get Crafting, Knitting and Crochet Magazine (issue 59) I have a cute knitted purse pattern.  The purse is perfect for storing your bits and bobs and plenty big enough for an iPad mini or similar size tablet.

The sheep is worked using the intarsia method and the pretty flowers are crocheted and slipped over the buttons. It is finished with a zip closure, if you are new to putting zips into your knitted projects I can highly recommend this tutorial from  Knitting Daily.  In the video Eunny Jang shows you Techknitter’s technique for making zippers knitable objects so you can knit them into your garments instead of sewing them in by hand.

jane burns sheep purse knitted lets get crafting

I thought the rear of the sheep was missing something and mischievous side got the better of me!

sheep purse rear jane burns knitted lets get crafting

This would make a fab Easter present.

As always I would love to see your finished purse on my Facebook page.

Bear Necessities Crochet Pattern for Clip on Bear Ears

Katie came home from school last week and announced, “I NEED a bear costume,  not a full on proper bear costume, but STUFF!”  Those of you with knowledge of ten year olds will know that the word STUFF is inserted into every sentence regardless of the context.  Anyway, after much questioning I discovered what she actually required was some bear like features for the part she is playing in a performance this week.

So I sat down with my hook and yarn very late Monday night determined to create a pair of clip on bear ears and this is what I made….

crochet bear ears clip jane burns

go down to the woods today

The ears are actually very simple to make, you could change the colours and make polar bear ears etc.   I am sharing my pattern with you so that you too can produce animal ears at very short notice. (instructions are written in UK Crochet terms)

You will need:

  • Brown DK yarn 10g
  • Cream DK yarn 5g
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 2 hair clips
  • Sewing needle and thread

Outer ear – make two

With brown yarn, make a magic loop.

Row 1: Ch1, 4dc into the loop, ch1, turn (ch1 is not counted as a stitch)

Row 2: 2dc into each dc, ch1, turn [8dc]

Row 3: *1dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to end, ch1, turn [12dc]

Row 4: *2dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to end, ch1, turn [16dc]

Row 5: *3dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to end , ch1, turn [20dc]

Row 6: *4dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to end, ch1, turn [24dc]

Row 7: *5dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to end , ch1, turn [28dc]

Pull magic loop closed

Work 12dc along bottom edge of ear, ch1 DO NOT TURN

1dc in each of the 28dc around the top of the ear, fasten off.

Inner ear – make two

With cream yarn, make a magic loop

Work as outer ear rows 1-5 [20dc]

Pull magic loop closed.

To make up:

Darn in ends

Sew inner ear to outer ear using image as a guide.  Sew ear to hair clip.

bear ear seperates

Just like the Elves in the Shoemaker and the Elves, I hooked my way into the small hours and when they were complete I left them on the table for Katie to find in the morning….

bear ears complete

I woke the next morning to find this note where I had left the ears.


bear ears peek a boo

Modelling debut for Mini Me

Yesterday Katie made her modelling debut for Let’s Knit Magazine.  She was modelling a pair of socks I designed for Let’s Knit!  Words can not tell you how incredibly proud I was of my little girl as she took direction from the photographer like a pro.

katie lets knit photo shoot1

The photo studio were incredibly kind and allowed us to take photographs to share with you.  Obviously I have had to blur the socks until they have been published (I will post unedited pictures when I am able).

Contemplating her new career

Contemplating her new career



katie lets knit photo shoot2

Starting to….



I was thrilled that I was able to be at the shoot of one of my designs and see what goes on behind the scenes.  Of course Doug thoroughly enjoyed all the tech and gadgetry.

I get to check out the shots

I get to check out the shots

Reviewing the pictures with the photographer

Reviewing the pictures with the photographer

And it’s a wrap!  ‘That’s what they say when they have finished filming isn’t it?”

Thank you very much to everyone who made today very special for Katie (and myself).

I just had to share this with you! Meet Chummy

I just had to share this with you!  For those of you who watch ‘Call the Midwife’ (If you don’t, why not?) You are going to love this! A friend sent me a link for a freebie pattern for Crochet Chummy!   It is just the cutest crochet project I have seen for a while.  Her attention to detail really is awesome,  I am desperate to crochet myself a ‘Chummy’.

Designed by the talented Amy, from Amy’s Gurumis meet….


Crochet Camilla Fortescue-Cholmeley-Browne

dsc_0169 dsc_0152

Amy has kindly allowed me to use the images from her blog,  but I won’t share them all here, you really should pop over to her blog and  check out Sister Bernadette and her transformation into Shelagh.  Amy also has an Etsy store where you can see more of her fantastic creations.

Keep hookin’ Amy, I can’t wait to see the rest of the cast.


New Butterflies for my branches

I like to crochet to relax,  I still get to play with yarn but I get a much quicker hit of satisfaction with crochet than I do with knitting.  You may recall back in December I set about hooking some snowflakes for my branches,  then for Valentines I made a few hearts.  Well now the hearts have neighbours,  five pretty little butterflies have taken up residence on the branches.

crochet butterflies jane burns

My copy of Simply Crochet magazine arrived in the post on Saturday and I promised myself when I had been a good girl and completed a significant amount of knitting I would make something from the magazine.  I know that every month there will be at least one small project I will be itching to get started on.  Something that will fit right in, here in my den.  This month I was not disappointed,  I instantly fell in love with the ‘Butterfly Effect’  a beautiful garland of butterflies worked in DK cotton.

Meet the latest additions to the branches….

crochet butterflies jane burns

Issue 16 of Simply Crochet Magazine is out now and you can download your copy here from the App Store.

butterflies simply crochet

Image courtesy of Simply Crochet Magazine



Knitting & Stitching Show ticket offer, keep it to yourself!

Knitting & Stitching Show, Olympia 13th – 16th March 2014

I may have mentioned a while back that I am teaching at Olympia.  My beaded bracelet class is now full but there are some places remaining for the Learn to Knit with Double Pointed Needles class, on Sunday. In this class we will make a pretty Napkin Ring on double points, fearlessly!

Knit a Napkin Ring with Double Pointed Needles – Class code 129

napkin ring set jane burns workshop

Sunday 16th March 2014

2.15 – 3.15

Have you ever watched in orr as others knit their way around socks and mittens using double pointed needles?  Need some help?

During this hour long class I will teach you how to cast on using double pointed needles,  show  you how to join your work into the round and get you knitting in the round with confidence.  You will knit yourself a napkin ring with the materials provided.  We will also discuss working from charts and the pro’s and con’s of knitting in the round.  Come and learn a new skill and have some fun with other yarn loving dare devils.  It is also a great chance to sit down for an hour!

I have a special offer especially for my readers, you can get your entry ticket to the show for just  £11 (normal online price is £12.50 or £15 on the door)  all you have to do is enter the discount code TEA14.  The offer is only available until midday 12th March. 

You can buy your tickets here…. http://www.theknittingandstitchingshow.com/spring