It’s Alive! Frankenstein Sweater for your little monster

It is that time of year again folks, where I dust off my spooky imagination and get to have some really silly fun in the name of being ‘seasonal’.

Over the years I have designed a number of Halloween collections for Simply Knitting magazine, but this year it is just one project….

frankenstein sweater halloween jane burns knit

Frankenstein Sweater (isn’t this young man just the coolest model ever?)

This super cute drop shoulder sweater is not only for Halloween, I am sure your little monster will want to wear this sweater well beyond the scary season.

Those of you who are not new to my work, will know that I like my designs to be playful, yet simple to achieve. There are charts for the hair and eyes, which are worked using the intarsia method.  But fear not, you could easily work these using duplicate stitch (or swiss darning), which would produce a great 3D effect for the features. The mouth and tongue are worked separately and sewn on the front at the end.

The pattern is written for chest sizes 53 – 76 cm (that is approx. 12 months to 11 years).

Skills needed:

  • k2tog
  • ssk
  • ribbing
  • picking up stitches
  • mattress stitch
  • swiss darning or intarsia
  • crochet chain or I-cord

Kit needed:

  • Stylecraft Special DK yarn in (black, bright green and violet)
  • Oddment of red 4ply yarn
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • darning needle
  • 2.5mm needles
  • 3.25mm needles
  • 4mm needles

You can find the pattern for this sweater inside issue 138 of Simply Knitting Magazine.

SK Cover Frankenstein Jumper Jane Burns crop

socktober promo jane burns discount


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Sweet Chestnut Socks – Enabling Alert

Autumn has well and truly arrived in my corner of the UK.  I love the autumn, the colours, the smell, the lack of sun cream and need for knitwear…….

If you are taking part in Socktober and looking for a little bit of a sock challenge can I tempt you with my latest pattern in The Knitter Magazine (issue 89)?  These pretties are worked from the cuff down with some cable detail and a little beading.  The heel is an afterthought heel, which works beautifully, not interrupting the flow of the Zauberball yarn and it’s gently transitioning colours.


The pattern is written for two sizes, to fit foot circumference 23.5 (25) cm.


  • Beading with a crochet hook
  • Cabling
  • Twisted ribbing
  • k2tog
  • ssk
  • yo
  • s2kpo

Shopping list:

  • Zauberball 4ply sock yarn
  • 2.75mm needles (or size to obtain gauge)
  • 0.6mm crochet hook
  • size 6/0 seed beads
  • cable needle
  • stitch markers

New KnitPro Zing Needles Review

Zing Fixed Circular Needle Review.Zing Logo (4)

Disclaimer: Whilst I was provided with this product free of charge to review, these are my open and honest opinions. I receive no commission from the links below.

Knitting needles are a thing of personal preference, some of us like the super slickness of stainless steel with its go faster stripes and others long for the grip of bamboo and it’s training wheel security.

Personally I am a stainless steel devotee, in my early knitting days I spent many happy hours knitting away with my bamboo needles until a k5tog manoeuvre snapped the tip of my favourite pair!

I have tried many needles over the years and I have to say I am a Hiya Hiya stainless steel devotee (naturally Addi Turbos, being a great second choice). So when I was asked if I would like to review the new Zing fixed circular needles from KnitPro, curiosity got the better of me.

knitpro zing needle review jane burns

Hiya Hiya – Zing – Addi

The Tips

Zings have a shorter taper from shaft to the point than Hiya Hiya and Addi needles, but the sharpness is comparable. I do not like the sharp (or lace) versions of the other brands. The tips of the Zings are sharp enough to work that bamboo snapping k5tog, but not so sharp as to poke holes in your index finger, if like me you tend to push down on your tips as you knit.

My initial concern with the Zings was about the join where the tip meets the shaft. I have previously tried the Karbonz, and I did find my yarn snagged at that point. The Zings however, allow the yarn to glide over effortlessly.

The Shaft

The coating on the shaft has a slightly satin finish to it, reminiscent of the Chiagoo needles. I found this slowed me down just enough to enjoy the Zen like rhythm of knitting, and it produced a beautiful even fabric. I have a tendency to loosen my tension as I work to the end of a knit row, nothing blocking doesn’t cure, but I did find knitting with the Zings almost eliminated this.

What about the cord join? How did I know you were going to ask me that?

Well, it’s Addi Turbo quality, although not quite Hiya Hiya excellence. I love the cord! It is a fixed cord, without a swivel join. It did not fight with me as I worked back and forth on a flat fabric. No kinking or twisting, and I felt it supported the weight of the fabric nicely.

I highly recommend giving Zing fixed circulars a try, they are light weight, warm to the touch and come in a great range of sizes (with each size across the range having its own pretty colour) so I am sure many of you will be drawn to the ‘pretties’. Zings would make a great transition from bamboo needles. I am looking forward to trying the Zing DPNs, if any of you have tried them, what did you think?

knitpro zing needle review jane burns

Zing – Addi – Hiya Hiya

If you would like to know about the sizes available, this link will provide all that information.

You can find your nearest stockist here.





Sparkling Seas Socks

Colourful socks are a great way to liven up any outfit.  These are knitted in wave pattern which is achieved by dropping yarn forwards, it is a an easy yet effective technique.  The Lang Mille Colori yarn (Socks & Lace Luxe) has a metallic thread which runs throughout, adding a touch of sparkle, reminiscent of the seas.

Sparkling_Seas_2_medium2 jane burns knit socks

The pattern is written in three sizes to fit leg circumference 18 (21, 24) cm.

Sparkling_Seas_2_medium2 jane burns knit socksYou can find the pattern inside issue 96 of Let’s Knit Magazine.

Electric Ivy Fingerless Cable Mittens

These mittens were inspired by my Sugar Candy socks in the January issue of Let’s Knit magazine.  My daughter looked at the socks and promptly requested a matching pair of mittens in a bubblegum blue colour!

Electric_Ivy_medium2  jane burns mittens knit

These mittens are knit using West Yorkshire Spinners, Signature 4ply in their Sweet Shop range, so if Bubblegum is not your thing, why not try Butterscotch, Blackcurrant Bomb, Blueberry Bonbon or Sour Apple.

You can find the pattern for these mittens inside issue 90 of Let’s Knit Magazine.

Oh So Sweet Socks

Sweeeeeeeeet feet!  I designed these butterscotch coloured socks using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply yarn from their Sweet Shop Collection.oh so sweet socks jane burns knit

The cable and lace design will keep those of you who have a little sock knitting experience entertained, whilst those sock veterans amongst you will whip through this intuitive pattern with great gusto.

The pattern is written in two sizes, with instructions for adjusting the foot length, with out disrupting the elegant patterning on the foot.

oh so sweet socks jane burns knit

You can find the pattern for these pretty socks inside issue 136 of Simply Knitting Magazine.

Cute Critters, hanging baskets to keep the kids tidy

I know how difficult it is to contain your child’s favourite possessions and encourage them to put them away.  I designed these character to baskets to make tidy-up time fun!

Three_of_a_Kind_3_medium2 jane burns knit baskets

The baskets are worked flat using a simple mesh stitch, I used Wendy Supreme Cotton Chunky which is incredibly strong and comes in a range of fun colours.

Three_of_a_Kind_3_medium2 jane burns knit baskets

You can find the pattern for these baskets inside issue 90 of Let’s Knit Magazine.

Three_of_a_Kind_3_medium2 jane burns knit baskets

Harriet the Hedgehog, knitted pin cushion

This cute but prickly character will take very good care of your pins for you.

Harriet_the_Hedgehog_1_medium2 knit pin cushion jane burns

Harriet is knitted flat with a bobble stitch body, she is a quick and fun knit which will make a great gift for the ‘crafty’ person in your life.

You can find the pattern for Harriet (and indeed Harriet herself on the cover) of issue 90 of Let’s Knit Magazine. Harriet_the_Hedgehog_1_medium2 knit pin cushion jane burns

Glamping, under the stars

Turn camping into glamping with my colourful and practical chair.

Under_the_Stars_2_medium2 glamping chair jane burns knit

Jazz up an everyday fishing stool with some straightforward mosaic knitting.  The cover is knitted using Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK, which is incredibly strong and durable.

For those of you who have not tried mosaic knitting before, this is a great starting project.  The beauty of mosaic knitting is that you are only every working with one colour in each row!  Slipped stitches are used to manipulate the fabric and produce the pattern, magic!

Under_the_Stars_2_medium2 glamping chair jane burns knit

You can find the pattern for this project inside issue 92 of Let’s Knit Magazine.

Winchester Cathedral, bead and cable mittens

These mittens were inspired by the arched stained glass windows of churches and cathedrals.  I used elegant cabled archways with a touch of beading inspired by the beautiful lead work to design these cosy mittens.

winchester cathedral mittens jane burns knit

I designed my Winchester Cathedral mittens for Let’s Knit Magazine earlier in the year.  They will add a touch of elegance to your winter wardrobe, I hope you agree?

The mittens are knitted using Rowan Wool Cotton 4ply, which is delightfully warm and soft without being too bulky.  The beads are applied as you work with a small crochet hook.  New to this method of beading?  There is a tutorial with the pattern.

You get your copy of Winchester Cathedral inside issue 89 of Let’s Knit Magazine.

Dandelion Bunny Cushion

Who doesn’t love to hug a bunny?  Here is bunny that won’t try and wriggle away when you give it a good squeeze.

giant bunny cushion jane burns

Dandelion was designed for Let’s Knit Magazine earlier in the year.  The front and back panels are knit in the round from the centre out, the ears are also worked in the round to minimise the dreaded sewing up.   Fabric panels are attached to the front and the ears and pompom tail is added to finish off, cute, don’t you agree?

giant bunny cushion jane burns back

If you would like to make your very own Dandelion, you can find the pattern inside issue 89 of Let’s Knit Magazine.