My Ass on the front cover of Simply Knitting magazine

How could I not run with that headline?


I had great fun designing for issue 132 of Simply Knitting magazine, as you can see there is a cute donkey purse on the cover,  it is mine :)  I love this little fella!

knitted donkey purse jane burns


knitted donkey purse jane burns

There was also a cover mount kit with all you need to make a flower corsage, there were a couple of different flowers to choose from.   Happy Knitting, Jane x

knitted corsage flower jane burns

The Big Apple, Knitted Cushion

Well hello there!

Have you been away on your summer holidays yet?  Did any of you manage to get to the Big Apple?  Or are you looking to make a cushion, a fun one?  Or a perhaps you’re looking for perfect gift for the World’s Best Teacher?

big apple knit cushion jane burns



Or you just like apples?  You can find the pattern for my giant apple cushion inside issue 130 of Simply Knitting magazine,  Happy Knitting, Jane x


Nine to Five Cabled Pencil Skirt

Something a little different from me on the blog today….. yes a skirt.

cable skirt jane burns knit

I designed this skirt for Simply Knitting magazine (issue 131) and I loved every minute of the process.  The designing, the playing with cables so that they would form the faux ties at the base of the skirt.  I even enjoyed all the grading maths.

cable skirt jane burns knit

The skirt is knitted using West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran yarn (there are some gorgeous colours to choose from, including a lovely deep deep purple).  It is written for sizes 8 – 26, so there are no excuses for not getting your needles busy…..

cable skirt jane burns knit

Happy Knitting,  Jane x


Summer Living, Knit Style

Hello :)

As I sit to write this post, after a many days of sunshine and gentle breezes… it is pouring down with rain.  As we say in these parts, great weather for ducks!

Issue 93 of Lets Knit Magazine hits the shelves tomorrow and inside I have a few summery projects for you.

butterfly cushion jane burns knit


Inspired by the beautiful African Flower crochet animals that are all over my social media feeds, this butterfly cushion was born.  I thought to myself, ‘ why should the hookers have all the fun?’

butterfly cushion jane burns knit

Why not take the basic hexagon pattern and create your own African Flower creatures, I would love to see your pictures.

To compliment the cushion, I also went a little I-cord crazy and designed some bunting and a mobile.  Why not get the children making I-cords using a knitting dolly (French knitting), and use those?

icord butterfly mobile jane burns knit

icord butterfly bunting jane burns knit

For those of you not as enthused by butterflies as I am, I have something that is just perfect for Al Fresco dining………..

knitted strawberry bunting jane burns


I hope you have enjoyed this months projects as much as I did designing them.

Happy Knitting,  Jane x


Rhoswen socks

The Rhoswen Socks

These delicately styled socks were featured in The Knitter Issue 83.  I was delighted to be able to work with Eden Cottage yarns for this design, the photos do not do the yarn justice it is so beautifully soft, yet strong with a wonderful sheen that works so well with the tiny beads.

rhoswen socks jane burns eden cottage

The pattern will be available in multiple sizes a little later in the year, to purchase from my Ravelry store.

If you are new to beading, you will love this method of beading with a crochet hook.  You will soon be adding beads to everything (trust me it is addictive).

rhoswen socks jane burns3 eden cottage

The yarn is Hayton 4ply from Eden Cottage and beads are Debbie Abrahams (mink).

I would as always love to see pictures of your finished projects on my Facebook or Ravelry pages.

Happy Knitting






Trio of Knitted Bracelets

It has been a rather hectic few months and I have been somewhat slack in updating my blog.  So brace yourselves for an avalanche of ‘Show and Tells’.

This trio of knitted bracelets is featured in Issue 133 of Simply Knitting Magazine.  They are great for using up left over yarn and making special gifts….. 

As always I would love to see your projects over on my Facebook page.

Happy Knitting 

Owl Pyjama Case Pattern Now Available to Buy

Hello,  how are you?  I am fine thank you :)  It has been a very busy few months with the lots of exciting things happening.

I have received a lot of requests for my Owl Pyjama Case Pattern, some of you especially those overseas have been difficulties getting a back issue of the magazine it was originally featured in.  But fear not…. I now have it available to buy as an immediate download.  Click the link and you can purchase your copy for £1.99.

knitted owl pj case jane burns

This cute little chap is worked mostly in one piece to cut down on sewing up.  The colour work is knitted using slip stitches so no complicated stranded knitting to contend with.  If you are new to this type of colour work, fear not it is really simple and instructions are included in the pattern.

knitted owl pj case jane burns

Buy Now

As always my patterns include links to video tutorials to get you started or provide a refresher should you need one.

I would love to see your finished owls on my Facebook page.

Happy Knitting, Owl be back soon (sorry I couldn’t resist the bird pun).

Jane x

Beaded knitting, it is fast becoming one of my favourite knitty tricks…

Meet Bellona, I designed these fingerless mittens for The Knitter magazine and they were featured in issue 77.  The beaded fleur de lis catch the light beautifully as the Debbie Abrahams beads nestle down in the scrumptious Sparkleduck Spirit yarn.



beaded fleur mittens jane burns tn


The mittens are worked in the round and the beads are added using the crochet hook method.  No having to thread hundreds of beads onto your yarn before you start!  These mittens would make a great addition to your wardrobe anytime of year.

It is never too early to start preparing for Christmas, is it?  I know I hear you screaming at me.  But I really wanted to share these with you.  These were also featured in The Knitter issue 77.  They are a great project to develop both your beading and your Fair Isle skills.

bead and fair isle baubles jane burns tn

I hope you can forgive my indulgence in sharing Christmas projects in February and that you will share your finished projects with me on my Facebook page.

Happy Knitting x


A Plethora of Purple Scarves…

Well it has been a busy start to 2015 for me and I realise that I am somewhat behind with updating my blog (naughty knitting blogger!).  But I wanted to bring the blog upto date and share some of the designs that have been released during the past couple of months.

The December Issue of Simply Knitting features a plethora of my creations, all designed to keep you cosy during the chilly months.  See if you can guess my favourite colour?

There were not one, not two, but four scarves featured in this issue….


Luxurious, which is a chunky knit scarf worked in Stylecraft, Tibet yarn.  It is a quick knit and can be worn many ways as you simply use the lace eyelets as buttonholes.


cable scarf knit JANE BURNS

Preppy Chic, this is another chunky knit with cables that run along the outside edge, to give this scarf some interesting shaping.  Worked in Stylecraft, Life Super Chunky, this really is a quick knit.


Rolling Waves, this little beauty is worked using Stylecraft, Senses Lace.  The yarn is so light and fluffy I can’t recommend trying this yarn out enough.  One ball of yarn is all that is needed for this cleverly crafted scarf, the yarn is available in some really pretty colours.  I am looking forward to seeing your finished versions of this project.


I am a big fan of self patterning yarn, it gives an instant look of complexity to your knitting with no extra effort.  I like to team the self patterning yarn with a solid coloured contrasting yarn for some extra wow.  So image my delight when West Yorkshire Spinners developed their Signature Birds range of sock yarn.  The self patterning yarn is available in Wood Pigeon, Blue Tit, Bull Finch, Owl, Pheasant and Mallard.  Each yarn has a coordinating solid coloured yarn.  These ‘Taking Wing’ mittens shown above are worked using Blue Tit and Cardamon.


knitted cowl JANE BURNS

Yes you spotted it, I said four scarves.  This linen stitch cowl was a free pattern for subscribers.  It only takes one ball of Stylecraft, Vision DK and is available to download from the Simply Knitting website here.

Happy Knitting everyone, as always I would love to see your finished projects on my Facebook page.

You can download a copy of issue 127 Simply Knitting here.

Say I love you mostest, with my Free Love Heart Knitting Pattern

When I was asked by Sarah at Let’s Knit to design a hanging heart for the magazine I jumped at the chance.  I am as some of you will know a hopeless romantic.  I wanted to make something a little bit special for Doug to say thank you for everything he does to support me in this crazy job I have.

Thank you Doug for….

  • the endless cups of tea
  • the blog posts when I am too busy or tired to write
  • the tech support
  • the school runs
  • the sitting around in yarn shops
  • your honest opinion

But really what I want to say is, Thank you so very much for being mine xxxxxxxxx


For those of you have not yet reached for the sick bowl,  here is the pattern.

‘I Love You Mostest’, Knitted Heart Pattern

jane burns love heart knitted










You will need:

  • 25g of red DK weight yarn
  • 10g of white DK weight yarn
  • 10g of pink DK weight yarn
  • 4mm needles
  • Two 4mm DPN’s (for I-cord)
  • Toy stuffing
  • 40cm garden wire
  • Black felt


Finished size:

12cm tall x 13 wide


Heart – make two pieces

Using red yarn and 4mm needles, cast on one st

Row 1: knit in to front, back and front [three sts]

Row 2: purl

Row 3: k1, m1, knit to last st, m1, k1 [five sts]

Row 4: purl

Repeat rows 3 & 4 until you have 27 sts ending after a WS row

Top shaping:

Row 1: knit

Row 2: purl

Row 3: knit

Row 4: p13 turn

Work on these sts only as follows:

Next row: sl 1, k1, psso, knit to last three sts, k2tog, k1. [11 sts]

Next row: purl

Rep last two rows until five sts rem, ending after a WS row

Cast off

With WS facing, rejoin red yarn to rem 14 sts, work on these sts only as follows:

Next row: cast off one st pwise, purl to end [13 sts]

Next row: k1, sl 1, k1, psso, knit to last three sts, k2tog, k1. [11 sts]

Next row: purl

Rep last two rows until five sts rem, ending after a WS row

Cast off


To make up:

With WS facing, sew edges of two heart pieces together, stuffing as you go. Make a hanging loop by plaiting together strands of yarn, or working a crochet chain.

Embroider initials using straight stitches and white yarn.

Using 4mm DPN’s and pink yarn make two i-cords, one 5cm long and one 3cm long. Stitch 5cm i-cord to bottom left of heart and 3cm i-cord to top right of heart. Using photo as a guide. Cut one triangle and two ‘V’ shapes out of black felt and stitch in place on i-cords to make an arrow. Double over garden wire and push through centre of bottom, i-cord through heart and centre of top i-cord. Trim wire as necessary.